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Feb 12 2010

Recent visit to WA

I was traveling recently to the Pacific Northwest, and took a handful of photographs in and around an area I was visiting.

Here they are:

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Mar 16 2008

Pix From Tahoe

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Shari and I went to Lake Tahoe recently. I took some pictures:

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Feb 20 2008

A Family Photo

As I continue to sift through the remnants of my past, I occasionally find a gem amongst the detritus. Here’s an example:

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Dec 09 2007

Bayshore Xmas Lights

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A special request from an LBC Ex-Patriot:

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Nov 20 2007

Mary’s Corn Pudding

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This recipe is the BOMB! It is 1) Super Easy, 2) Pretty much FOOLPROOF, 3) Delicious, and 4) Always a Smash Hit.

The hardest part is grating the cheese.

A friend spent days preparing a perfect “Martha Stuart” thanksgiving feast, with fresh and handmade EVERYTHING. I brought the Corn Pudding, and that’s the only thing people talked about. (I felt terrible, btw.)

Also, this recipe begs to be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, etc. In fact, I buy one of the cheap LARGE rectangular foil roasting pans and make enough to fill it. (that’s 8 times this version, I think)

So, without further ado:

1 can creamed corn
1 cup corn muffin mix
1 cup milk
2 eggs
½ lb chedder cheese
2 sm cans chopped green chilis

grease pan
cook 40-50 min
@ 425

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Nov 19 2007

Niko Bites

Niko, our wild beastie of a cat, finds happiness in the strangest of places:

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Oct 21 2007

Self-Heating Pillow

A typical weekend morning:

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Oct 12 2007

Niko Nekko: Hellspawn

Niko was beating up on our other kitty, Violet, so I went out to the living room to play with him. He wasn’t playing:

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Oct 11 2007

My Sister Kelly Hardgrave

My father remarried shortly after I graduated from High School and, before long, he and his new wife, Mary, and her two children, Kelly and Tom, were off to Washington State. My plans to move in with some friends fell through and, with no place to live, I decided to join them in the Great White North. The year I spent there was one of the best, most challenging, and certainly the most transformative of my life. What made it really great was being an older brother (for once) to two great kids.

I was quite the shutter bug, and I was always with my trusty Pentax K-1000. Here are a few images of Kelly from that time:

Kelly on an outing to look at horses...  We never got one, though.

Kelly is challenged by using the scissors.

Kelly doing some homework, I think.

When Kelly graduated from College the parents had a shin-dig at the house. I believe this was from that time. She and I were abandoned by our respective parents, and this was going to end up on a milk carton or something:

Have you seen this child?

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Sep 26 2007

An Early Drawing

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What follows are two pieces of recently discovered art that were created back 1971. The first is an illustration, and the other text. Enjoy!

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