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Feb 16 2007

My Father’s New Hat

Since I was travelling North to celebrate my father’s birthday, I wanted to give him a gift that he’d find both practical and a bit luxurious. I pressed him for suggestions and he confessed that he needed a new “crook’s” cap. I did a bit of research and discovered that the British Ivy Cap was what he wanted but, when I began to explore the marketplace, I didn’t find anything that knocked me out. Long Beach, my home town, is fortunate to have a fairly good hat shop, and they stocked something similar to the Ivy caps my father favored, but from Italy. The brand was Borsalino, one I’d never heard of, but the hat I found was really nice so I got it.

When I gave it to him, he was thrilled. He explained that, as a kid in Brooklyn, all the Italian ‘made’ men wore Borsalino hats.

Dad Enjoying his new Borsalino

At his birthday party, he enjoyed a moment with his grandson, Max Hardgrave.

Dad Enjoying his new Borsalino with Max

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Feb 16 2007


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On my recent trip to Washington I took some time to visit the Glass Museum. I’ve always loved glass, and it was thrilling to watch experts work with such a dyamic media. While there, I discovered that a very nice lady was doing a workshop where people were invited to carve images of their choosing into pieces of rubber which would be inked then pressed to paper, much like a woodcut. She suggested the theme of birds and bugs, and so desided to create a bird eating a bug.

Here’s the result:

Crow Woodcut

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Feb 16 2007

Photos From Washington 2/07

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I’ve loved photography since I was a wee sprout and, despite the inconvenience, find myself dragging my camera just about everywhere. My recent trip to Washington, on the occation of my father’s 80th birthday, was no exception. Here are a few shots I took while there.

Seattle has some rather steep hills.

Parking is a challenge in Seattle

Although I take skyline shots, I’m not often enamoured of them. This one, however, appeals to me for some reason.

Seattle Rising Up

Washington State is known for its natural beauty, and bountiful wildlife. It is surprising, though, to discover some in the heart of the City.

This was once a pawn shop

I’ve always loved trees, but this winter began photographing leafless ones.

Winter Tree

And another.

Winter Tree

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