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Dec 31 2005


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Local artists Shelley Rugg-Thorp and RD “Raindog” Armstrong collaborated to create an art show called Absence/Presence which used passers-by as tracing models, with text written and/or selected by RD. You can read more about it, and see some pictures. I was looking at the pictures, and noticed one of me:

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Dec 23 2005

New Tune

I recorded a

      new tune
a few days back. It is quite different than my normal stuff, which tends to be in time, carefully arranged, etc… This began as a purely improvised guitar track and, from that I added two more tracks that played with the first.

To me, it evokes a bittersweet feeling that, for some reason, I associated with memories of my late mother.

Anyway, please feel free to leave comments.

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Dec 22 2005

Art, etc

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Living with a painter is inspiring. Shari’s wonderful gifts as an artist continually amaze and astound me and, watching her work , she makes it look so easy. Well, painting well isn’t easy, but even if my humble talents are less than spectacular, the process is wonderfully enjoyable. A few weeks back I completed an acrylic painting and felt pretty good about it. It isn’t exactly a masterpiece, but its pleasing.

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Dec 06 2005

New old tracks posted

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From Poor Old Joe, there’s

      The Cost
      Already Home
. Both are written and sung by me, with Brian Nelson on Guitar and Dave Pratt on Drums.

From Blue Dot, there’s

      Tilting At Windmills
. Both songs were written by keyboardist Neal Weiner, with Mike Weber on guitar, John Feijoo on drums, and Emily Ensley singing.

I play bass on all the tracks.

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Dec 04 2005

Guitar Update – More Pix!

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Well, I’ve posted some more pix of the guitar project. The first set shows Randy Simon cutting out the body, and doing some work on it. It also shows the body after the edges had been rounded by a router, and the two top cut-outs shaped for ergonomic considerations. The last three pix depict some finish tests.

The second set shows the assembled guitar, the wood still unfinished, and a few details remaining to be addressed. The edges of the neck block (on the back of the body where the ferrules and screws are) needs to be rounded, and a small portion of the body leading to the neck pocket needs rounding also. The string ferrules are not installed, and will be pushed into their holes when finishing is complete.

I’ve had the guitar in this assembled form for a few weeks now and, aside from some very minor issues, I really love the way it feels and sounds.

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