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Jan 27 2021

The February Challenge [FAWM 2020]

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Thanks to some online music groups, I discovered an annual effort where musicians record 10 to 15 songs during the month of February, with the intention of releasing them as an ‘album.’ After some careful thought in January of 2020, I decided to join in. It was my second time doing it. The first, in 2016, was insane. For some reason, I decided to compose and record 1 new original music track every day. (I didn’t quite make it, and only got to 26.)

For this 2nd time, I kept my ambitions reigned in, and ended up with just 17 new tracks. Some were live performances, created using my iPad Pro. Some were highly composed pieces. Some were experimental and abstract. Many were created on my PC using Cubase and a variety of free and in-built virtual synths and effects.

Below, you will find a player that has all 17 tracks in alphabetical order. Below that, you’ll find individual players for each track. Also, you can download a playlist of all the tracks. It should open in your favorite music player.

You can also view the site where the challenge originated.




Here are the individual tracks, with brief descriptions:

      Blink And Miss It
An exciting, up-beat instrumental piece with acoustic instruments. Produced in Korg Gadget, running on an iPad Pro.


      Duet Tuet
Produced on the iPad Pro, this track an imaginary duet between two fake flutes that twist and interweave in an intricate and beautiful way.
Here’s a tune to dance to, maybe. Created in Korg Gadget on my iPad Pro.
      Graciousness In Shallow Shadows
Mysterious oscillations eminate from beneath the shallow shadows. Holding my breath, the hand of death passes by. Lights from sightless eyes shine in the narrow way, we stay inside the shuddered room, a womb for our fears. Created, I’m pretty sure, in Cubase on my PC, using various free VST synths and effects.
      I Dare You
A RAWQ song, with me singing (badly.) Get out your lighters!

I Dare You
Copyright by Sander Roscoe Wolff
02212020 20:08

A calculation in the mind
begins the count down
The sand is falling, grain by grain,
onto the sticky ground.

Perambulators rumble by
transporting hopes and schemes
They and I begin to cry
and tremble ‘midst our screams.

He who cannot speak, cannot lie.
Look me in the eye.
He who cannot speak, cannot lie.
Silent, you and I.

Laugh, go ahead, I dare you.
Turn to face the light.
Speak, go ahead, I dare you.
You are in the right.

A percolation in the ground
disturbs the ebb and flow
The sky is falling, do or die,
upon the earth, below.

      Imperiled Vectors
This is a tribute, homage, or rip-off of one of my favorite and little-known tracks by King Crimson. It evokes, in a small way, the feeling of the track that inspired it. It was produced on my iPad Pro. The lead ‘guitar’ was created with GeoShred.
      Leap Of Faith
An experiment with a complex set of delays, recorded live, using a variety of samples and synths. Produced on my iPad Pro.
      Plus One
Another experiment, this time with piano, delays, reversed audio, and a mess of other effects. I think this was created in Cubase on my PC, but I’m not entirely sure.
      Psychotic Break
Here’s a dance number for people having mental breakdowns. I’m pretty sure this one was done in Cubase, on the PC.
      Slow Waters
Fake guitars, delays, preverb, and whatnot. A live performance on the iPad Pro, featuring GeoShred.
      Swing From The Hip
An upbeat, but strange, musical exploration with acoustic-ish instruments. Created in Cubase. I quite like this one.
      This Is My Final Answer
Chance encounters with budding flowers, dancing showers us with petals. Metal tines ring, I sing this tired tune. Created on the iPad Pro.
      Thistle Bone Time
This one is pretty wack, but I like it. I think it might have been created in Korg Gadget.
      Time Police
Sometimes I just love to play guitar, and create many layers of parts. I quite like how this turned out.
      Within Hibiscus Crysalis
She holds her breath like a wreath, beneath the blossom’s glory. It glistens, listening to the call of forgotten voices. Choices, now made, begin to fade away. Live performance on the iPad Pro, featuring GeoShred and a whole bunch of delays.
      Within The Between
An electronic journey of sonic impulses. Evocative and strangely beautiful. Created in Cubase on PC with a variety of in-built and free virtual instruments.
      Zebulon Fricassee
My idea of an electronic minuet. I can imagine people in fancy Elizabethan costumes prancing about to this. Created on iPad Pro in Korg Gadget.

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