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Mar 23 2006

Dung Mummy Audio Excerpt

With the kind assistance of a volunteer, I recorded my performance at Dung Mummy on my video camera. The performance, in its entirety, was about 25 minutes. This excerpt, about 11 minutes in length, comes from the middle, when I had switched from my gretsch to my Industrial Guitar Indy Rail.

Click here to hear audio. Note: the file is about 10 MB.

If you’re interested, you can see pix of the guitar effects I use and read about what they do.

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Mar 23 2006

Dung Mummy Pix

Although I had no idea at the time, Jason Savvy (aka Monkey Wrench) was snapping pix while I was performing. He was kind enough to post them, and share them with the performers.

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Dec 23 2005

New Tune

I recorded a

      new tune
a few days back. It is quite different than my normal stuff, which tends to be in time, carefully arranged, etc… This began as a purely improvised guitar track and, from that I added two more tracks that played with the first.

To me, it evokes a bittersweet feeling that, for some reason, I associated with memories of my late mother.

Anyway, please feel free to leave comments.

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Oct 19 2005

How To Bury A Quaker

How To Bury A Quaker
by Sander Roscoe Wolff ©

I drop the kids off at the pool,
Bake a brownie,
Make doughnuts,
Make some non-edible play-doh, and
Deliver an apple brown betty.

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Oct 16 2005

Home and/or Homeless @ The 2nd City Council

Last night I attended the opening reception of a themed art show called Home and/or Homeless. One of the three jurors were in attendance, as were many of the participating artists. I found it fascinating that, even though there were an amazing variety of media and concepts, the entire show felt cohesive. Photographs, paintings, sculptures, mixed media, and installation pieces lived comfortably together in the gallery space, and outside in the Sato Garden. Continue Reading »

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Sep 30 2005

Guitar Project

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Many years ago Brian, my friend and band-mate in Poor Old Joe, disassembled a guitar he had and gave the body to a co-worker who painted a lovely surrealist image onto it. When he got it back, all the parts went into a box.

Flash forward a good number of years. Brian’s sister, Judy, calls me to say that she found the box and Brian, now living in Korea, told her to give it to me. When I collected it, all the hardware and electronics were gone, with only the neck and body remaining. Although it took me several years to get motivated, I finally decided to see if I could put the thing back together with new hardware and electronics. Continue Reading »

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