Oct 11 2007

Pinhole Photos

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Today I was in an experimental mood so I went out and purchased a generic body cap for my Pentax K100-D DSLR, took it home, drilled a hole into it, taped a piece of foil over the hole, added a very small pinhole, and took a few pinhole photos. I don’t know if you’ve ever experimented with pinhole photography, but I love it. I ran out of natural light today, but managed to get one:

An image taken without a lens

This was taken with a very long exposure… Perhaps 20 seconds… at an asa/iso setting of 200. the camera was probably 3-4 inches from the foreground subject, and about 5-6 inches from the background subject.

To reiterate, this was taken without a lens. It was just a piece of foil with a very small hole in it.

One of the central concepts in pinhole photography is that the small hole increases the depth of field (the area that will be in focus). Basically, the smaller the hole, the more that will be in focus. In this next photo, you’ll notice that, although the entire image lacks sharpness (no lens, after all), all the items in the frame are equally sharp. There is probably a good 18 inches between the foreground lucky charms and the one in the back. The pinhole is about 7 inches from the foreground container. With a lens, it would be a challenge to get everything to be in focus, even with the apeture at its smallest setting.

Note the depth of field

Can you guess what this is?

Can you guess what this is?

Here’s another view of the same mystery item:

Can you guess what this is?

And, of course, I had to try again for this shot:

A shelf

And a peek into the magical world of the front planter:

The Garden Planter

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  1. Ken Forbeson 27 Nov 2007 at 12:46 pm

    trippy sander – never would have thought of doing such a thing. but now i might try it with my Canon AE1. What size hole did you drill?

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