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Sep 17 2007

Phone Messages

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As I plough through the detritus of my life I occationally find tidbits, fragments, glimpses of times and places past, long forgotten connections, meaningful references, etc. No better example of this are phone messages. I remember feeling the need to get an answering machine at some point, mostly because 1) I was looking for a job and, 2) my friends all complained bitterly that they could never reach me, the elusive social butterfly that I was. Still, I don’t think the answering machine ever really solved any problems, and caused a few of its own.

I was living on 4th Street, just across from Chipper’s Corner (now the Pike) at Hermosa. I’d been working for Kinko’s but, at some point in this period, I lost my job. It took some time, but I eventually moved out of the apartment and back in with my mom, and started working for KLON.

Featured on the recording are Brian Hancock, Brian Nelson, Joanie Karnowski, Camille Smith, my roommate Jim Theibert, Larry Miller, Mike Dubois, Andrea Adkins, Rychard Cooper, Bebe Wolff, Marvin Wolff, and a few others. I am pretty sure that phone numbers from more than 20 years ago have no modern relevency.

      Listen To The Messages
– [this is a large 13MB file, so it may take a while to download]

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Aug 27 2007

Sierra and Lauren as Naruto Characters

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Aug 26 2007

Lauren & Sierra Cosplay @ Nissei Week

Lauren, and her good friend Sierra, went with Shari and I to Little Tokyo’s Nissei Week celebration where they were hosting an Anime Festival. Although it turned out to be rather modest, we had fun, and the girls wore their costumes.

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Aug 20 2007

Niko is a crazy kitty!

He loves to play with the furry thing on the end of the string:

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Aug 18 2007

Niko in action

Niko feeling feisty!

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Aug 14 2007


Ok, so I admit it. I may be a bit over-zealous with the camera since Niko’s arrival, but I just can’t help it. He’s so darn cute, and really very rambunctious!

Our cat, Violet, has always been fascinated with our various residential aquatic environments and has been known to drink from fish bowls directly or, when that’s not an option, dipping her paw into the water and licking the yummy fish-flavored water off. Mmm. Well, Niko is an avid student, here learning from the Master:

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Aug 12 2007

Another cute Niko picture

Niko is exploring and, sometimes, finds a spot he likes:

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Aug 08 2007

Went for a walk…

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More photos:

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Aug 04 2007

Niko: Our New Cat

It has been nearly one year since the passing of our beloved cats, Shogi and Barney. Our remaining cat, Violet, has become very affectionate since then and, although we really enjoy her attention, we felt that it was time to find a comrade for her. To that end, we paid a visit to the LA County Animal Shelter in Downey and found an adorable, young, black cat who we subsequently named Niko Niko, which means “smile” in Japanese.

He’s a snuggle-muffin, head-butts us, plays with the dogs, and is generally a good egg. Violet was fairly peeved at first but, now, she’s taken a liking to the little fellow and was seen frolicking with him. It seems that, so far anyway, we’ve picked a winner.

Here are some early pictures:

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Jun 25 2007

Dog Party – Part 2

Our dear friends Luke and Melanie were away for about 10 days and, while we were gone, we had the pleasure of playing host to their two dogs, Mabel and Stella. Last Friday, they were joined by Shadow, our friend DonnaJean’s dog. So, with our two dogs we had a pack of 5 furry beasties running wild in the house. Truthfully, it was a pleasure. All the dogs got along well, and there were very few altercations. I felt moved to try and take a pic with all 5 dogs, so here are my best efforts:

Sitting Pretty

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