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Feb 16 2007


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On my recent trip to Washington I took some time to visit the Glass Museum. I’ve always loved glass, and it was thrilling to watch experts work with such a dyamic media. While there, I discovered that a very nice lady was doing a workshop where people were invited to carve images of their choosing into pieces of rubber which would be inked then pressed to paper, much like a woodcut. She suggested the theme of birds and bugs, and so desided to create a bird eating a bug.

Here’s the result:

Crow Woodcut

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Jan 01 2006

What’s right & wrong with blogs?

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I wrote to my friend, Rick Lewis, telling him about my blog, saying “Yes, I know its silly, as I have very little to say, but I have a blog. Why? Because I can.”

To which, he responded:

Blogs. Your comment last night got me to thinking about blogs, and what’s right and wrong with them. I can’t say I reached any profound conclusions; only mildly interesting observations. In the heyday of network television news, not so long ago, approximately three major anchors reached 50 million or so viewers or a regular basis. Blogging seems to have turned that equation on its head. I don’t know the numbers, but what if it’s now five million bloggers, each reaching a regular audience of 100 people? Clearly we are no longer describing the same model at all. Meanwhile, network television news as we knew it is vanishing before our eyes; just not fast enough.

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