Sep 17 2007

Phone Messages

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As I plough through the detritus of my life I occationally find tidbits, fragments, glimpses of times and places past, long forgotten connections, meaningful references, etc. No better example of this are phone messages. I remember feeling the need to get an answering machine at some point, mostly because 1) I was looking for a job and, 2) my friends all complained bitterly that they could never reach me, the elusive social butterfly that I was. Still, I don’t think the answering machine ever really solved any problems, and caused a few of its own.

I was living on 4th Street, just across from Chipper’s Corner (now the Pike) at Hermosa. I’d been working for Kinko’s but, at some point in this period, I lost my job. It took some time, but I eventually moved out of the apartment and back in with my mom, and started working for KLON.

Featured on the recording are Brian Hancock, Brian Nelson, Joanie Karnowski, Camille Smith, my roommate Jim Theibert, Larry Miller, Mike Dubois, Andrea Adkins, Rychard Cooper, Bebe Wolff, Marvin Wolff, and a few others. I am pretty sure that phone numbers from more than 20 years ago have no modern relevency.

      Listen To The Messages
– [this is a large 13MB file, so it may take a while to download]

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  1. Ken Forbeson 18 Sep 2007 at 9:31 am

    Thanks Sander,

    I know I just e-mailed you but figured I would actively participate in your blog – the way it was designed to operate.

    This is a neat archive to have and to listen too. Definitely one way to step into the past. I only could listen to a sample here at work and it placed me squarely into the mid 80s on 4th Street. I could see the sunlight coming through the southern facing front windows on the second floor….and hearing Kathy McCarthy and Jim, along with your Mom and others, was special again. I’ll listen to more at home with a cocktail.

    I hope too see you roaming on Saturday evening in Soundwalk 2007. I have already printed out the map and notes. We realize you are performing and won’t distract you from that. We are there to appreciate and observe…..and listen…. and are thankful that the wedding on Sunday puts us down in a city we both still miss dearly. While Northern CA has SF and Tahoe and an emerging Sacramento, there will always be a feeling for Long Beach in me that can not be duplicated in any other city I’ve lived in or visited. The neighborhoods, history, people and general aura are so unique and enchanting.

    Liked your guitar photos and comments on your recent blog post.

    Your friends up north,

    ken, lori and steph,

    Ken Forbes
    Wooodland, CA

  2. Camilleon 19 Sep 2007 at 9:31 am

    Sander –

    First of all my sincere apologies for being such a little snot on your answering machine so many years ago. I was so mean saying that was the dumbest message I had ever heard. I am sorry.

    Second, I don’t think this post is complete without the actual outgoing message. do you have that?

    Third, I miss Brian. Where is he?

    Fourth – this was GREAT and Joanie and I had a huge laugh. Thanks. Double Thanks!

    ha ha – bong hits, music, ga ga, liquor, parties starting at 10 pm, jamming, hanging with your Mom, sounds like a pretty fun life. some of it I miss and some of it got left behind pretty easily.



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