Dec 07 2006

Music Tracks

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I have posts all through this blog that point to and discuss various recordings I’ve made. I thought it might be useful to maintain a master list of direct links here, just in case one might be looking for things to listen to, rather than reading my blatherings and what-not. FYI, all of these tracks were written, performed, and recorded by me except as noted.

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69 Bottles – My contribution to an aborted compilation project

Adjuration #1 – A quiet, pensive tune that features heavily processed Bowed Psaltery, and electric guitar

All Is Light – Live semi-improvised solo vocal looping performance

Already Home – A studio performance by Poor Old Joe of a song I dreamed

Amanda’s Rap – A ‘gift’ rap for the daughter of a friend’s friend. She was very ill and, based on info I got from her dad, I created this for her. Hopefully it made her smile.

An Odor of Quietness – An electronic composition in three parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Artificial Earth – A rhumba. Everybody dance!

Balcony Puzzles – The band Quiverfish, written by Chase Frank, with me on bass. Recorded live. This song RAWKS!

Bleep Buzz Ah – An electronic composition

Blues for Balah – A bittersweet multitrack rumination

CO2 – Live performance by Blue Dot of a song with lyrics by me.

Columner Filtration Pipette – Can anyone say “Bass Solo?”

Come To Me – A prayer in song

Craniundulant – Part 1 – Excerpts from a 5 hour performance

Craniundulant – Part 2 – Excerpts from a 6 hour performance

Disguise – Blue Dot, with me on bass

Dream Day – A feeling I had once

Dreams Go DownLive vocal looping in the studio circa 1995

EAOLive vocal looping in the studio circa 1995

Entropic Constellation – A blessedly brief choral piece, rejected by the producers of the compilation project

Embogged – A collaboration with Carl F Off of Refrigerator Mothers

Escape Velocity – Saturated lap steel guitar pushing beyond all reason

Ether Binge – A studio collaboration with Rychard Cooper recorded in the mid 80s.

Figure It Out – A loving tribute to an ex-band mate (Guitar help by Mike Weber (not the subject of the song))

Golden Mean – Studio performance by Blue Dot of a song I wrote (me on bass)

Grace – My contribution to a compilation project called Sloppy Seconds (17:39)

Hell – Created, but unused, with raw material from SMGSAP as a soundscape for a play

Hide Not Your Heart – One of many ‘gift’ songs I wrote and recorded for friends

Happy Song Variation – Wonderful multi-track recording featuring the guitar stylings of Mike Weber

How Fortunate We Are – Another ‘gift’ song, one for the holiday season

I Have A Song – A ‘gift’ song for my step-daughter, on her 8th birthday

Indig Nation – A rap song. [Note: They rhythm track is made from samples recorded in the Angel’s Gate printmaking studio.] You can also hear an earlier version.

In The End – Not a finished production, just a concept sketch. I really like the melody, though.

Into The Mountains – One of my early home-produced multi-track pieces

Judicious Apparitions – Whispers in the Dark

Lap Steel Tap Dance – Non-traditional tuning, and playing technique, on my Indy Rail lap steel guitar

Letterbox: Midi Demo & Blue Dot Live – A surrealist’s sandbox of linquistic abstractions played adeptly by Blue Dot – Read The Words

Music for Trombone and Voice – Created, but unused, as a heavenly soundscape for a play

On Earth Through Visions – An exploration of a guitar fingering pattern

Sander Band – A composition for power tools, metal bowls, and mortar shell

Six Dreams Divided – Remix of a track by the experimental improv Christian band, Create(!)

Sky Fall – An impressionist song made from fragments

Sleeping With The Fishes – Live looping performance excerpt featuring Lap Steel Guitar. (Hear the complete 25 minute performance in just 45 seconds)

Tilting At Windmills – Blue Dot, with me on bass

The Cost – Studio performance by Poor Old Joe of a song by me

The Dream Machine – Live solo performance @ the now defunct Sipology

The Meditative Madness of Winter – Live board recording of a May 15th performance of Ain Soph Aur, with special guest Deer Tear (aka Nial Morgan). [Note: This is a large file]

The Quality of Volition – Live room recording of an April 5th performance of Ain Soph Aur with special guest Hermit the Flog (aka Catastrophic Mermaids on Parade) at Thee Dung Mummy 5th Anniversary Experimental Music Festival

The Second State – Live at Sipology 100210 (In conjunction with the gallery reception for SoundWalk’s 6 Year Retrospective)

  • Part 1:
          Jeremy Morelock + Sander Roscoe Wolff
  • Part 2:
  • Part 3:
          Mike Weber + Jeremy Morelock + Sander Roscoe Wolff
  • Part 5:
          Sander Roscoe Wolff

The Union of the Heavens – Live room recording of the very first performance of Ain Soph Aur

This Child is Also Abel – Completely improvised, based on a live performance by legendary sarod master Ustad Ail Akbar Khan, playing in the Raaga Zigla Kafi mode

This Eden – An homage to Jose Francisco Borges – This started as a demo for the Roscoe Sandblaster, but evolved into something else

This Equilibrium – Three versions of a rather sad attempt at electronica FirstSecondFinal

Toward The Opposite Center – A blessedly brief contribution to a compilation project

White Light Descends – Guitar & Lap Steel [Note: The first version was recorded when I was out of my head with the Flu.]

Who Knew – An odd little song featuring mostly Lap Steel, with the solo played on the Gretsch

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