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Aug 24 2021

Songs of Intuition and Ignorance

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Thanks to some inspiration from a Hop-Frog colleague, Eric Baughn, I began writing and recording songs in January of 2021. It was, at least in part, an extension of the massive Covid music creation process that started back in March of 2020, when I was furloughed. Eric had suggested collaborating on an album of songs, but was drawn to work on other projects, so I just kind of started, and went on from there. The first song, Particle Accelerator, was based on words I’d written more than 20 years ago. I rediscovered them and felt inspired to create a musical setting for them. During that process, Petaluma-based musician Kenny Blacklock heard it and asked for stems, which I gladly sent him. He returned a bunch of tracks, some of which ended up in the final mix. His contributions included acoustic guitar, piano bass, and tape strings.

I tried to give each song a unique musical setting, with it’s own logic and feeling. Structurally, some are fairly traditional, and some are quite experimental. Anyway, they’re all currently collected on BandCamp. Check them out if you wish to.

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