Sep 13 2007

Industrial Guitar’s Indy Rail

My good friend Mike Weber loves Lap Steel Guitars, also known as Hawaiian guitars. These instruments are some of the earliest electric guitars, and are played with a steel bar in the left hand to select the pitch, and strummed, picked, or plucked with the right hand. He was kind enough to let me play his lap steel and, in due time, I was won over by its charms. I consided buying a vintage instrument, but there is great demand for them, even the ones that are not that great. So, I found Chris Fouke who builds modern versions from modern materials. Although he makes instruments that are designed to be played acoustically, his Indy Rail is definately a screamer when plugged in.

Industrial Guitar's Indy Rail

Industrial Guitar's Indy Rail

Industrial Guitar's Indy Rail

Industrial Guitar's Indy Rail

I had the case made custom for the instrument. The case matches the one I had made for the Roscoe Sandblaster.

Industrial Guitar's Indy Rail


Tracks Featuring the Fouke Industrial Guitar Indy Rail:

Artificial Earth – A rhumba. Everybody dance!

Bleep Buzz Ahh – The Indy Rail makes a surprise appearance toward the end.

Craniundulant – Part 1 – Excerpts from a 5 hour performance

Craniundulant – Part 2 – Excerpts from a 6 hour performance

Embogged – A collaboration with Carl Off. (I added lap steel, throbbing bass, and the ‘head numb’ bit.)

Escape Velocity – Saturated lap steel guitar pushing beyond all reason

Lap Steel Tap Dance – Non-traditional tuning, and playing technique, on my Indy Rail lap steel guitar

Sleeping With The Fishes – Live looping performance excerpt featuring Lap Steel Guitar. (Hear the complete 25 minute performance in just 45 seconds)

White Light Descends – Guitar & Lap Steel [Note: The first version was recorded when I was out of my head with the Flu.]

Who Knew – An odd little song featuring mostly Lap Steel, with the solo played on the Gretsch

Many live performances with Ain Soph Aur feature the Indy Rail.

On This Road – This is ASA’s chart-topping single, with lots of Indy Rail, including an ‘Awesome Guitar Solo’!

      The Meditative Madness of Winter
– A live performance with ASA + Niall Morgan (Deer Tear)

      Circumambient Superficies
– ASA opening for Amps For Christ, etc

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