Jul 04 2007

Second Life

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My friend Richard insisted that I sign up on Second Life. It is his belief that this, or something like it, is the future of the internet. In case you’re unfamiliar with this program, it is a 3D environment that uses your personal computer in conjunction with Internet-Connected servers. It enables anyone to navigate through the world, and interact with others from just about anywhere. It has its own economy, with millions of dollars flowing through it, and these ‘virtual’ dollars are transferrable into and out of the real world. Users can own, rent, or lease virtual property, build structures, and develop behaviors, activities, and other objects with amazing ease, yet with equally amazing complexity. These objects can be givin physical qualities (weight, reflectivity, stiffness, etc) and, once created, can be embued with all kinds of behaviors and qualities. I’ve not delved too deeply into the building process, but I created a chair, several hats, and my character. You can see these here:

Shandor Voom in Chair

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