Nov 09 2006


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Our fish are named Spotless and Lucky. Spotless originally was named Spot because he had a spot, but the spot went away. Lucky was won at a carnival.

Our dogs are named Kapu and Django. We’ve had Kapu since he was a puppy. The name comes from a book my daughter really liked when she was younger, Julie Of The Wolves. Django was named by me, after a famous jazz guitar player. The summer before last, Django just showed up at our front door. He’d been on the streets for a while, and was looking for a home. I invited him in, and he got along well with Kapu, and our 3 cats. We put up color posters all over the neighborhood, and at the local animal shelters but, eventually, he became one of the family.

My cat, Barney, had been suffering from some sort of kidney ailment for several years. Although we cared for him in the best way we could, he continued to waste away until he was just skin and bones. Up until the very end he enjoyed his life. When I saw that his health was finally failing, I put him to sleep.

My wife’s cat, Shogot-su (Japanese for New Year) got sick and died just a few days after Barney went. I think this was entirely unrelated, though. The loss was pretty tough.

Our remaining cat is a small tabby named Violet:


Barney (RIP):


Shogi (RIP):






And last, but not least, our goldfish. Spotless is on the right:

Lucky & Spotless

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