Oct 19 2005

Work It All Out

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Work It All Out
by Sander Roscoe Wolff ©

This wall seems so high
And it goes on forever.
Can’t get over or, by
Hook or by crook,
Around it.

My fevered forehead,
Pressed to the cool surface,
Can almost feel the dead
Hopes and dreams I left
On the other side.

This life seems so long
And it goes on forever.
Either weak or strong,
It all comes out
In the end.

I’m burning up,
I’m burning down
The house that holds
My doubts and fears.
No longer will I hide
The light I hold inside,
I’d hidden it for years.

This wall is so small
And it goes from here to there
Hardly anywhere.
And nothing can keep me,
Not even me, from the
Hopes and dreams that
Keep me alive.

I don’t confuse
Joy and sorrow.
They’re mine to choose.

This life doesn’t end
I’ve got time enough to say
I’m sorry
And work it all out.

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