Oct 19 2005


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by Sander Roscoe Wolff ©

Sure, I know things suck
or seem that way

The pain in your neck
is a pain in my ass which,
by the way, is this season’s

But, quit your whining, godammit!
There’s worse ones than you.
Don’t you know we’re the lucky ones?
We, with our two cars,
one and a half baths,
and dreams that, in the
scheme of things are,
frankly, laughable.
Sure, we talk big about
politics and consciousness but
we’re just as asleep as
the next guy.

What’s that noise?
Does someone hear that ticking?
We don’t see it coming ‘til its here.

What’s that light?
It seems to be getting bigger?
Maybe this tunnel is dark for a reason?

Life has meaning. Its, at least,
good for a chuckle.
No doubts about the outcome,
just the trajectory.

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