Sep 08 2005

Lauren’s Birthday+ 1st Day of Middle School

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Today was Lauren’s birthday, and her first day of middle school… She seems to have survived it. She had a few very nice presents. She loved the InuYasha t-shirt I got on our trip to Westminister mall.

Shari’s been feeling ooky, with a cold. Kind of a bummer for the first week back with the kids. Still, she’s got just one more day and then two glorious days of R&R. I was playing a run/shoot war game on my computer after she went to bed (one of my guilty pleasures!) and, about 20 minutes later she came out and said she was feeling lonely… Awe! So I went back to the bedroom with her and rubbed her back, sang her a song, and tucked her in properly. That’s what husbands are supposed to do, right? Well, that’s what I do.

We sent Lauren to bed early. She’s got to be at the bus stop (just a block away) at 6:50. This morning she was cracking me up. Her mom bought her a bra, and she’s not worn it at all until today. She came out after putting it on and she had the most frustrated look on her face. She said that she really doesn’t like it. When she got home today the first thing she did was run into her bedroom and take it off… Even before taking off her shoes! Poor dear…

She said that, this first day, all her teachers spent most of their time together telling them about the RULES… For some reason they frown on kids bringing weapons to school. What-EVER! I, jokingly, said something about killing someone with papercuts. She didn’t buy it.

For dinner, Lauren asked for my special BBQd chicken. As always, I insisted that she have something green on her plate, and she opted for lettuce. We had Sweet Potato Pie, and Lauren had Rainbow Sherbet. I also roasted some wee red potatos on the grill, and made rice as well…. Carb City, I know, but I didn’t have rice… Shari and, of course, Lauren are way into the rice thing simply because of Shari’s time in Japan. I like rice, I do, but it isn’t something I feel very strongly about. Also, Shari’s into the short grain Cal Rose stuff, while I really prefer the long grain basmati… Still, I don’t mind… *sniff*

Our friend DonnaJean was over also tonight and gave Lauren a SWEET electronic keyboard from Radio Shack… I’m all over it, for sure!

DJ asked me, some time ago, to photograph her and her dog, Shadow. I’d been swamped with stuff, and hadn’t taken the time to print them for her. So, to make it up to her, I ordered a leather bound book with the pictures, and some very silly text I wrote. She got it tonight when she went home, and called me thrilled.



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  1. Sierra Szupelloon 19 Mar 2006 at 1:53 pm

    HI Sander! *poke poke* its me Sierra. Laurens friend? ya know and yattie yatta….i Was just reading this, and its rather cool. Well sander see ya later. (PUT PIC OF ME AND LAUREN!)

  2. Sierraon 08 Mar 2010 at 4:10 pm

    gawd, im just looking at this website, and looking at my old comments from forever ago, and I never realized how annoying I was. haha.
    It’s nice to look back at old pictures.
    Say hi to everyone for me!

  3. Administratoron 08 Mar 2010 at 4:33 pm

    You weren’t annoying, Sierra. Just very silly. And that’s ok.

    Do you have plans for Summer?



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