These Are Some Of My Favorite Artists


Founding Member Of Henry Cow, Skeleton Crew & Other Great Bands

Composer, Improviser &

Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Earthworks, etc.

Drummer, Composer & Improviser



An Amazing Player & Composer

Member of Robert Fripp's
League of Crafty Guitarists,
String Quintet &
The California Guitar Trio

 How Many Notes Are There?

American Avant-Garde Band



My Favorite Living Writer

Author, Playwright & Mystic

Spectral Mornings Changed My Life!

Guitarist, Composer & Performer



Look Up 'Cutting Edge': See Kronos Quartet

1st Violin & Founder of
The Kronos Quartet

Knows How To Turn A Good Phrase

Singer, Songwriter, Cartoonist & Painter


Not The Painful Noise

You Can't Step In The Same River Twice