My cat, Barney,
Came to me as an adult,
And shared his life with
My family and I
For nearly 9 years.

He leaves us, today,
September 28th, 2006,
After sharing much
Love and Light
With us.

Lauren, my step-daughter,
Drew this picture just before
We took Barney to the Vet.

Rest In Peace, Dear Barney. ---

Below are photos and text from when he first arrived.

My cat, Barney,
who I love and cherish,
is featured here in a few
intimate and revealing photos.

Here, Barney considers the big philosophical questions…. "What is 'being', what is 'meaning', etc"

Here, Barney tries to relax after expending so much energy considering the big questions.

Here, Barney tries to gain some much needed perspective.

Here, Barney proves once again that no problem is so big that it can't be dealt with after a nap.

Barney Hates You

Really, he does!